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Delivering Technology Throughout The Workplace
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Executive Offices

Let the latest in technology enable your business leaders. By leveraging the capabilities of our partners, CTS delivers impressive executive offices where seamless integration allows for the most efficient and effective business.

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Conference Rooms

Audio and Visual enhancements in conference rooms can make a huge impact on collaboration with partners and colleagues. Check out our solutions by clicking on the picture above.

Go to Entrances & Common Areas

Entrances & Common Areas

Make a lasting first impression by allowing CTS to deliver a digital signage solution in your entrance and common rooms.

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Operations Center

An operations center can be the life blood of a company. Make sure that when you are building your Operations center that you leverage a trusted team of experts.

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With our team of diverse techonologically advanced professionals, any project can shine.
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Collaboration is becoming more important today than it ever has. Business is becoming more dispersed supporting global customers with an around the clock effort. Between meeting the demands of today and leveraging new technologies, the end goal remains constant: to facilitate a greater degree of efficiency in the workplace. CTS brings technology to your business through Audio & Visual solutions (products) that not only wow your customers but also aid in a global workforce. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina; our team supports a wide range of business needs. From conference rooms to buildings, CTS can supply any workplace with the latest Internet and related devices.

  • site lack of collaboration resulting in work-place failures

  • Collaboration tools will be important in next 12 months

  • IoT will impact Global Markets over the next 2 years

  • felt their workplace allowed them to engage effectively with others


We bring the right team and tools together to ensure your project is a functioning success and that your business is completely satisfied.

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